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BRESSER 7-in-1 Exclusive Weather Center ClimateScout RC black ilmajaamad BRESSER 7-in-1 Exclusive Weather Center ClimateScout RC black ilmajaamad BRESSER 7-in-1 Exclusive Weather Center ClimateScout RC black ilmajaamad BRESSER 7-in-1 Exclusive Weather Center ClimateScout RC black ilmajaamad BRESSER 7-in-1 Exclusive Weather Center ClimateScout RC black ilmajaamad
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BRESSER 7-in-1 Exclusive Weather Center ClimateScout RC black ilmajaamad

Tootekood: 7003100CM3000
Saadavus: Peale tellimuse vormistamist, anname teada täpse tarneaja.
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An exclusive Bresser designed weather station, the BRESSER 7-in-1 Weather Center ClimateScout RC Weather Station.

A quick glance in the morning onto your BRESSER weather station gives you all the weather information you need for the day. Your current local outdoor temperature and humidity are shown as well as the current wind speed and direction. How much did it rain during the night? These and many other of the frequently asked weather questions are answered by a quick look onto the main stations display. Have you ever wondered why temperatures feel differently outside then you had imagined it would feel like? The new Feels Like Feature will help you with that. It takes the heat index or windchill into consideration and provides a calculated result to give you a much better indication of how the current weather actually feels outside. It sure beats running in and out and having to change clothing.

The Wind Gauge has been optimized and now measures in 360° and 16 directional points, giving you very precise wind readings. Furthermore, the radiation shield has been upgraded to enhance the temperature and humidity sensor circulation.

All in all this 7-in-1 complete set of weather station main unit and professional 7-in-1 weather sensor is the perfect weather station for those that want accurate and up to date information.

FEATURES (main unit):
Clear professional display for time & full weather information
Receive your local weather data via the 7-in-1 weather sensor via 868 MHz RF transmission frequency
RCC time synchronization & automatic switch between standard and daylight saving time (DCF)
For UK Users who can receive the European DCF time synchronization signal the time can be automatically received using the UK time offset function
Buzzer alarm clock with ice pre-alert function
Display time, calendar, weekday & Moon phase
Able to set the moon phase display for Northern / Southern hemisphere
Buzzer alarm clock with ice pre-alert function
Indoor temperature (°C/°F) & humidity readings with comfort indication & trend
Outdoor temperature (°C/°F) & humidity readings with trend
Gust or Average wind speed (mph, m/s, km/h, knots), Beaufort & wind level
Real time & dominant wind direction in 360° & 16-direction resolution
UV index (0 – 16)
Light intensity reading (Klux, Kfc, W/m2)
Measure Rain rate, Hourly, Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Total rainfall (in/ mm) with indicator
Weather forecast (sunny, partly cloudy, cloudy, rainy, stormy, snowy)
Barometric pressure in relative or absolute readings (hPa, inHg, mmHg)
Weather index for outdoor feels like, heat index, wind chill, dew point readings
Max / Min memory records & past 24hrs hourly record
Hi / Lo alert setting (indoor/ outdoor temperature & humidity)
Alert setting (weather index, High wind-speed, High daily rainfall & Pressure drop)
Flashing indicator for Hi/Lo alert warning on the LCD display UV and light calibration
5 languages for weekday and wind direction display (EN/ DE/ FR/ ES/ IT)
Amber backlight
Long-range transmission up to 150m (450 ft.)
Supports up to 3 pcs wireless extra sensors , for instance 7009999 Thermo-/Hygrometer Outdoor Sensor, Pool Sensor SP6001LC2000, or Soil Sensor SP60020LC2000 (Not included)
Wall mount/ desktop usage
Product size: Main unit: 180 x 135 x 22mm (W x H x D)
Display VA size: 125x77mm (W x H)
Battery requirements: Main unit: 4x AA ; Sensor 3x AA (Not included)

Measurement of Outdoor Temperature and Humidity, Wind Speed and Direction, Rain Gauge, UV and Light Intensity Measurement
Up to 150 m transmission range using 868 MhZ transmission frequency
Should be placed in an unobstructed location so that sun and rain data can be used properly
Can be mounted on wall or post using the included adapter
Product size: Sensor: 343.5 x 393.5 x 136 mm (W x H x D)

1x Main Unit, additional main units can be purchased using the BRESSER item codes 7003110CM3000 (black housing), 7003110GYE000 (white housing), 700311QT5000 (grey housing)
1x wireless 7-in-1 Professional Weather Sensor including mounting stand

Measurement function
Barometric pressure
Wind speed
Wind Direction
UV level
Light intensity

Display size 14.6 cm
Transmission frequency 868 MHz
Transmission range 150 m

Type of mounting Wall bracket
Inside temperature (°C) from -5
Inside temperature (°C) up to 50
Outside temparature (°C) from -40
Outside temparature (°C) up to 60
Barometric air pressure range (mbar) from 5
Barometric air pressure range (mbar) up to 11
Extended warranty 5 years

Total length 136 mm
Total width 180 mm
Total height 23 mm
Net weight (without access.) 336 g
Net Weight total (incl. accessories) 816 g